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About Leslie Group

The Leslie Group Limited was founded in 1992 as a sole proprietorship, under the name P&L Employee Benefit Consultants. The company was incorporated in 1994, under the name The Leslie Group Limited, as borrowed from its founder, Shawn Leslie. The company’s corporate philosophy is based on the results of fifteen years of observation, when Shawn worked with a major Canadian insurance company, servicing the benefit needs of medium to large corporations across the country.

Though his work put him in contact with a variety of personalities, approaches to business, and philosophies, there was an underlying theme to the wants of each client that became apparent as the years passed. Clients wanted flexibility, innovation, creativity, proactive service, and an entrepreneurial approach to benefits, but these were hard to find in the insurance industry, or they were available for an expensive fee. The Leslie Group Limited was founded to help employers meet these objectives for an affordable price.

Our Founding Philosophy

Since the beginning, The Leslie Group has offered innovative ideas, such as our preferred pharmacy networks, that enable employers to save money while directly involving their employees in the program. We believe that containing costs is a function of employee participation, understanding, and appreciation of the programs.

Our creative approach to plan design saw The Leslie Group Limited as one of the first firms to regularly recommend, among other items, specialty carriers, employee assistance programs, managed drug plans, health services spending accounts, and flexible benefits programs. Our objective has always been to tailor a plan design to meet the specific needs of not only the employer, but also their employees. As a leader in flexible benefits and tax effective compensation, we are committed to the continued research and development of these unique programs.

The third component of our corporate philosophy, proactive service, is an area we work on every day, through such things as account executives, pre renewal marketings, client service reviews, pre renewal meetings and annual plan review. Our team of experienced in house account managers and service representatives makes this component of our philosophy stand out from the competition.

Of course none of the above components would be worth much if they weren’t available at a competitive price. Through the maintenance of a strict budget, computer technology, and dedicated, well-trained employees, we have been able to consistently offer our clients the services they require for an affordable price.

The Leslie Group Limited brings a unique third party approach to the planning and management of your benefit programs. In an industry of increasing complexity, this unbiased perspective and our commitment to the best advice and price possible, are invaluable.